Build a Wheelchair Ramp for Deb & Bring Madison Home

Location:  North St. Paul, MN

Update 11pm Dec 22: WE DID IT!! Barnraisers, you are a generous bunch! NOTE: You can still donate to Deb’s campaign. However, any funds not needed for her ramp will be used for similar Rebuilding Together projects. (There are a lot more people who need our help.) THANK YOU SO MUCH. Happy Holidays. You just made Deb’s holiday very bright.

Update Dec 22: See Deb’s story on Kare 11 and Fox 9.

Deb, 57, is a career nurse suffering from a neurological disease that confines her to a wheelchair. Because she doesn’t have a wheelchair ramp, she cannot leave her home without assistance. From grocery shopping to getting the mail to going to doctor’s appointments, she must rely on other people to help her. Sadly, she also had give up her dog Madison temporarily because she couldn’t get out the door to give to her walks. Deb needs our help to regain her independence and to bring Madison home!

Although she is currently confined to a wheelchair, Deb is determined to walk again. Instead of starting with the regular two sessions of physical therapy a week, Deb immediately opted for three. Deb’s attitude towards her situation is unfailingly positive, especially considering this is the second time these issues have prevented her from walking and the second time she has had to battle to get on her feet again.

The thing Deb enjoys the most is caring for her show dog Madison. Deb has no children, so Madison is her main companion. When Deb could walk, she would lead Madison in competitions. There are a number of prize medals on her walls. Deb also loves to use Madison to teach young adults how to show. This is extremely important to Deb because participation in junior showmanship programs is a way for young people to gain confidence and other skills that will help them grow into responsible, successful human beings.

Right now, the steps at the entrance to Deb’s home make it impossible for her to leave in a wheelchair and will make it very dangerous for her to leave when she is able to use crutches. As long as this remains the case, it will be very difficult for Deb to accomplish everyday tasks or pursue her passions. Having a ramp installed at the entrance to her home would enable Deb to safely and independently come and go from her home.

Workscope: Construct a wheelchair accessible ramp

Budget: $2,600

Volunteers: 4-6 semi-skilled to skilled volunteers


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