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Attacked by Boko Haram
for getting her degree,

Martine Needs Your Help
to Educate African Girls.

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We Raised
Over $40,000
For Zack's House.

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Remember Bill
Who Needed Our Help?



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YOU Made
This Happen!

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Help Martine Fight for Girls’ Education

Meet Martine -Minnesota’s Malala  “My name is Martine Tchitchihe. I am from Cameroon, Central Africa. October 2, 2014 is a day I will never forget. I finally touched down in Minneapolis –…

  • 9% Funded
  • $2,050.00 Funded
  • 30 Days to Go

A Safe Home for John, a Veteran

John, 67, is an Army veteran who has made incredible sacrifices during the course of his life. John took care of his older brother with Schizophrenia for…

  • 0% Funded
  • $0.00 Funded
  • 31 Days to Go

An Efficient Home for Jesse and Ann

Jesse, a middle school science teacher at St. Paul’s Hmong Preparatory Academy, and Anne, a stay-at-home mother of five young children, grew…

  • 0% Funded
  • $0.00 Funded
  • 31 Days to Go

An Accessible Home for Gloria

Gloria was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 22 years ago. As a result of her M.S., Gloria was forced to stop working 2002, but she has really begun to experience the effects that her disease…

  • 0% Funded
  • $0.00 Funded
  • 31 Days to Go
Rebuilding Together

Help South Minneapolis Siblings Repair their Lifelong Home

Katherine, Kristine, and David are all siblings, they have lived in a triplex in South Minneapolis for thirty-five years. Twenty-three years ago they were awarded a community grant to work on their home. The contractor…

  • 0% Funded
  • $0.00 Funded
Zack Mohs

Bring Zack Mohs Home

UPDATE: The online campaign is over, but YOU CAN STILL DONATE BY SENDING A CHECK TO THE BATC FOUNDATION.  In the subject line,…

  • 100% Funded
  • $45,204.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go
Barnraisings Minnesota nonprofit

Help Tiffany’s Daughters Afford Dance Class

Your donation will help Tiffany’s daughters and eight other kids pay for half of their dance tuition. Tiffany’s daughters Madison (11) and Savana (8) LOVE dance, and Tiffany…

  • 10% Funded
  • $220.00 Funded
Top Up campaign

TOP UP a Project

*** NOTE *** Donations to the TOP UP campaign are NOT tax deductible (they’re still important however!) What happens if a campaign is very, very close, but not quite to the finish…

  • 0% Funded
  • $0.00 Funded